Funding Resources

Since 21st CCLC funding is provided for a limited period of time, the following resources are available to help you leverage additional funds in order to sustain your afterschool program. Collaboration with community agencies is also strongly encouraged.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education does not endorse any of the following resources, but is pleased to make them available for your consideration.

4-H Afterschool
4-H Afterschool supports 4-H and other youth-serving organizations create and improve afterschool programs in urban, suburban and rural communities.

Allstate Foundation
Allstate Foundation is an independent corporation supporting national and local neighborhood revitalization and education focused programs.

AT&T Foundation
AT&T Foundation supports education, community development, the arts, health and human services, and technology access in communities.

Ben and Jerry’s Foundation
Ben and Jerry’s Foundation supports progressive social change by addressing the underlying conditions of societal and environmental problems.

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation supports civil society, environment and pathways out of poverty.

Ford Foundation
Ford Foundation supports building knowledge and strengthening organizations and networks.

Garth Brooks “Teammates for Kids Foundation”
Teammates for Kids Foundation supports organizations that specialize in working with children of need in the areas of health, education and inner-city services.

Good360, formerly Gifts In Kind International, is a 501(c)(3) organization linking donor resources to enhance, empower and restore communities and people in need. is a central storehouse for information on over 1,000 grant programs and access to approximately $500 billion in annual awards.

Hearst Foundation, Inc.
The Hearst Foundation supports organizations providing opportunities to underserved and underrepresented populations.

Kids Gardening
National Gardening Association supports organizations that actively engage kids in gardening and improve the quality of life for their communities.

The Lisa Libraries
The Lisa Libraries donates new children’s books and small libraries to organizations that work with kids in poor and underserved areas.

Mattel Children’s Foundation
Mattel Children’s Foundation supports organizations with signature partnerships, international and domestic grants.

Nike Foundation
Nike Foundation supports programs that promote youth and physical activity.

Open Society Foundations – Washington DC
Open Society Institute – Washington, DC, focuses on civil liberties in the United States as well as other domestic and international policy issues including globalization, criminal justice reform, human rights and women's rights.

Starbucks Foundation
Starbucks Foundation focuses on improving young peoples’ lives by supporting literacy programs for children and families.

Tiger Woods Foundation
Tiger Woods Foundation focuses on providing opportunities to underserved youth, ages 5-17.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation
W.K. Kellogg Foundation supports the practical application of knowledge and resources to improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged and that of future generations.

WHO Foundation
WHO Foundation supports quality health, education and wellness specifically for women and children.

William T. Grant Foundation
William T. Grant Foundation focuses on improving the lives of youth, ages 8-25. is a one-stop informational website for federal funding resources. The Funding Information Center tab provides directions on how to register to receive grant information and where to go to find resources for families.